National Football Museum

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The Second Half

The Second Half is on the top level of the museum. The first area of this is the temporary exhibition area - exhibitions in this area usually last a few months. At the the time the photo on the right was taken it was hosting an exhibition about the Littlewoods Pools.

Since then it has also hosted an FA Cup exhibition with the oldest FA Cup trophy, an exhibition about a disabled Crystal Palace fan and most recently an exhibition on Brazilian football.

As you walk on, you'll come the the interactive area of the museum. Here there are plenty of things to do and learn.

You get to interact with displays such as those on the left which tell you the history of each item.

There are also two table football games - one of the traditional kind and one where your game is actually recorded and you can watch the replays of your goals.

The downside to it was that a lot of stuff wasn't actually working and hadn't been for a while. Some of the features were also out of date, especially where the 'football grounds' feature is concerned. Not only had some clubs moved grounds, but it was showing old pics of current grounds which had since been redeveloped.

Overall, this was the area that let the museum down - things not working and the failure to fix them.



The National Football Museum is well and truly excellent and you will certainly enjoy it. The museum has so much potential, but its a shame it might not ever be realised thanks to poor marketing.
Its free entry, but the least they could do is to make sure interactive features are working, otherwise whats the point in having them?!