Invincibles Pavillion -- Sir Tom Finney Stand -- Bill Shankly Kop

This section shows the redevelopment of Deepdale - pictures include the Sir Tom Finney Stand, Bill Shankly Kop and Invincibles Pavilion. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of the Alan Kelly Town End development. If you have any pictures of the Alan Kelly Town End during construction (and likewise the demolition of the old Town End), then please get in touch via theĀ feedback form.

The Invincibles Pavilion development is by far the most comprehensive and as such has been divided down appropriately as below. This page shows the last pictures from June & July 2008, when the stand was finished.

Pavilion Stand Demolition: May 2007 -- June 2007 -- July & October 2007

Invincibles Pavilion Construction: November & December 2007 -- January & February 2008 -- March to May 2008 -- June & July 2008