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PNE Online -

The home of the PNE Fans online community. Includes the popular messageboard with over 5,000 members as well as a chatroom.

Also included within the messageboard are betting and prediction league competitions (run by Al).

This is THE site for all North End debate.



The website for the PNE Irish Supporters club.



PNE Flags -

A site based on Fotopic containing a fantastic selection of pics of various PNE flags through the years.

Also included are pictures of PNE badges, registration plates and tattoos.


Proud Preston -

A fantastic site that details the past & present of the city of Preston and Preston North End in the form of photos and scans.

Want to know what Deepdale looked like? Want to remind yourself of PNE fanzines that are sadly more of a memory? Then this is the site for you.


Preston Supporters Group -

A very handy website for all Preston North End supporters who wish to find out more about PSG if they are not already members and also if they wish to join. Included on the site is the latest news from the group, away travel and newsletters.

Also not to be missed is John Roper's 'un-cut' section.


The Gentry of PNE Online -

Website containing plenty of photos of the North End gentry. The Gentry was reformed in memory of life-long fan John Tracey and has without doubt been a great success.

The site contains various photos of The Gentry, some from the 70's and most recent times with members of the messageboard featuring in the photos.


Tims 92 -

A fantastic website featuring reviews and pics of many grounds in England, Wales and Scotland. Not only does it include the 92 league grounds, but non-league grounds and even some rugby grounds too.

Well worth a visit.


Football Ground Guide -

Planning on making an away game? In need of directions or info? Or just to perhaps find out more about the ground? Well this is the site for you. It details all 92 league club grounds in their own page. What the ground is like, future developments, directions all feature on each page.

You wont find a better website for this.


When Saturday Comes -

Website for the popular football magazine 'When Saturday Comes'.

Has regular updataes, blogs etc and an archive of previous articles. Also has a messageboard.

Certainly a must-read.