Below is a quiz containing five questions on North End. There is also more interactive fun in the form of a crossword.
Note: after your first go any points that you scored will be added to your next go, unless you refresh.


1. What sport did PNE first play?
a) Cricket
b) Football
c) Rugby
d) Lacrosse

2. In what year did North End move to Deepdale?
a) 1880
b) 1881
c) 1875
d) 1868

3. Andy Saville scored 30 goals in 1995/96. Who was his regular strike partner?
a) David Reeves
b) Steve Wilkinson
c) Mark Sale
d) Graeme Atkinson

4. Who moved to Deepdale for a then-record fee of £500k in 1997?
a) Michael Appleton
b) Sean Gregan
c) Jonathan Macken
d) Colin Murdock

5. On the opening day of the Football League in 1888 North End beat Burnley. What was the score?
a) 3-0
b) 5-0
c) 5-2
d) 4-1