The Scottish Connection

Tommy Docherty -- Willie Cunningham -- Bobby Beattie -- Bill Shankly

This section delves into the players and management that have worked at North End over the years from the foundation of the club right upto the present day. There is an aim to highlight and educate just how strong North End's links with Scotland are. I hope you all find this section informative, educational and insightful.

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By Dave Bond

Why the name Deepdale? The dictionary definition states a dale to be ‘an open valley, usually in an area of low lying hills’, which, in the Ribble valley facing the rolling hills of eastern Lancashire it appears so. It has been related to me by a local historian that the earliest trace of it being called ‘Deepdale’ is by the invading Scottish army in the Second Civil War of 1648.

In an attempt to reassert his power King Charles I aligned with the Scottish Presbyterians whose army marched down the Ribble valley & first encountered Cromwell’s New Model Army at ‘Preston Moor’ (the present Fulwood & Deepdale areas).
After a 3 day long bloody battle at Preston, Cromwell’s troops inflicted a crushing defeat on the rebellious Scots of whom thousands were killed & many more abandoned. These surviving Scots sought refuge with the local populace & eventually settled in the area-a little like the Scots who invade Blackpool each year & decide to stay.

Preston North End has had strong Scottish connections down the years –manager, players & so possibly the influence dates back over 360 years! I have even met some Scottish people who still call this part of Lancashire ‘Southern Scotland!’