Deepdale Info

Sir Tom Finney Stand -- Bill Shankly Kop -- Alan Kelly Town End -- Invincibles Pavilion

Prior to moving to Deepdale, North End first played on Moor Park until 1875. At this time, North End were not a football club. In 1875 North End moved across the road to were they play now. Deepdale has always been North End's only ground.

Deepdale has been redeveloped in recent years and only one old stand is still remaining - The Pavillion Stand. The first part of this stand was built in 1935 and the second part (the south pavillion) built two years later. The redevelopment of this stand will not take place until its financially and pratically possible - in other words util North End reach the Premiership.

The first stand to be replaced was the old West Stand which was demolished in 1995 to make way for the 8,000 capacity Sir Tom Finney Stand which cost £4.4 million to build. The new stand was officially opened at the Darlington game in the 1995/96 season.

The next stand to be replaced was the Spion Kop (also known as 'The Fulwood End'). This was demolished in 1997 to make way for the 6,000 capacity Bill Shankly Kop. The new stand was opened during a special pre-season mini-tournament in 1998.

Most recently the Alan Kelly Town End was the next new stand to be opened. This replaced the old Town End which was demolished in March 2001. The new stand opened in October 2001 for the game with Man City (North End won 2-1).

Before the Alan Kelly Town End was built, the National Football Museum was opened. This is based inside two stands: the Sir Tom Finney Stand and the Bill Shankly Kop.

2007 saw the final phase of Deepdale take place - the old Pavilion Stand was demolished to make way for the £9m Invincibles Pavilion. A deal was struck with the Preston Primary Care Trust and the lease money from them helped to pay for the new stand. In return, a modern health centre is going to be situated in the new stand.
The Invincibles Pavilion finally opened in August 2008 for the first home league game of the 2008/2009 season.

The current capacity of Deepdale stands at around the 24,000 mark.