National Football Museum

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The Gallery

This could be regarded as the 'half-time' part of the museum in a sense, but really its far from that. The gallery is solely about Preston North End and obviously this is where you can find out more about the club and the history.

Like the First Half, articles are accompanied by artifacts and they are very unusual to say the least as you wouldn't expect to see them, such as the flag from the HMS Preston North End.

Obviously you'll find the usual displays such as old shirts, photos etc, but another different and interesting display is that of various football club mugs. This is what one PNE fans collected during the 2000/01 season when he went to every away game.

After you've viewed the displays you can walk into the viewing. From here is a superb view of Deepdale, and I know it sounds biased, but it really is fantastic!

Obviously there isn't a great deal on the gallery level of the museum as it is the First Half that explores the game in-depth. But on the same level you will find the Goalstriker. This is an interactive penalty shootout game where you get 3 shots (it costs £2.95) and your score, speed of shot and accuracy are calculated. This is great fun whatever age you are!

If you've had a go at Goalstriker and have viewed the Gallery, you can move onto the 2nd half of the museum - you can either use the stairs or the lift.