Away Days - Rotherham Utd

First Impressions -- Around the ground -- The Game -- The Stand -- Overall -- Pictures

Fixture: Rotherham Utd vs PNE
Competition: Sky Bet Championship
Ground: New York Stadium
Date: Tuesday 18th August 2015
Kick off: 7.45pm
Final Result: 0-0

First Impressions

Over the past couple of years, my ground-hopping exploits had fallen by the wayside so for our first season back in the Championship I made myself a vow to get to as many new grounds as I could. Now, there's plenty I had already been to, but just enough grounds out there that I could tick off the list.
Rotherham's new ground was the first opportunity I got at ticking off a new ground and I jumped at the chance.

The trip to the ground and match had to be made by coach as with it being a mid-week game, train times would've been far too awkward. I knew the ground wasn't far from where Millmoor is - quite literally a 2 minute walk. Anyway, as is usually the case, I arrived at the ground in plenty of time. Stupidly, I had forgot to go to the cash machine and couldn't find one around or near the ground so I had to make do without a programme or a pie.

The first impressions of the ground where from the coach driving in -I had to say I was particularly impressed by the roof structure and the general smartness of the ground. Usually when it comes to 'new-builds', the usual thought is "oh, just another boring bowl" but upon arriving at the ground this was far from the case.

Around the ground

As is my usual routine, I had a walk around the ground since I had plenty of time to kill. I already knew about the history of the ground and area, with it being built on the site of the old Guest & Chrimes foundry. Obviously most of the area had been cleared to make way the ground but there were some buildings that still remained - despite their run down look, I thought they still had character and it would be great if they were turned into offices or flats.

The ground itself was particularly impressive with a decent and smart frontage and easy access around the ground. What baffled me though was the size of the club shop and the fact they combine that with the ticket collection! Sadly, this meant putting off going into the club shop (which I do on most visits to a new ground) as there was too much of a crowd inside.

Before going through the turnstile and taking my seat, I was left with the thought that Rotherham have done a mighty fine job with the ground, especially since they aren't exactly the richest of clubs (we aren't either!).

Inside the ground, I was just as impressed as I was with the outside of the ground. I know this is somewhat of a cliché now with my reviews, but it looked very smart and I noticed just how enclosed it felt - always a good thing in my book.

There was the main West Stand to our left - this was bigger than the other stands but I particularly liked how the roof structure 'stepped' down as it went towards the East Stand. It helped give the ground a unique look. Also particularly impressive was whoever was in control of the PA - he played a few songs from The Stone Roses and The Smiths. Makes a change from the usual pop crap others play!

The Game

Sadly, the game was one of the most boring I have ever witnessed with both sides restricted to half-chances at best. It finished 0-0 which was a very fair result, although the less said about the game the better, so I've kept this short!

The Stand

Quite frankly, the stand was brilliant and in my honest opinion, a great place to watch football from (if the game is decent enough!). What set this aside from most new builds is that you are actually very close to the pitch, which is a refreshing change, and the stand was quite steep. Some may disagree with me, but I thought this was a good thing.
As a result, the view from the stand was superb - an unobstructed view of the pitch and you're close to it, even when you're sat on the top row.

Although I didn't make much use of the facilities, apart from the toilets, they were just as you would expect from a new build.


Without doubt, this is one of the better 'new-builds' I have been to. I think Rotherham have done a mighty fine job of getting this built and it seems it was built with the fans very much in mind. Everyone is very much catered for, including disabled fans who quite often 'forgotten' with the lack of decent facilites and access but they were very much catered for here.
You are close to the pitch, the ground is enclosed and the view of the pitch (which is the most important espect in my opinion) is absolutely superb.

It was a boring game, but the ground itself is superb and one I very much was glad to have ticked off (not in a bad way!).


Appearance: 9/10
Game: 5/10
Enjoyment: 6/10
Away Stand: 10/10

Overall: 8/10