Away Days - Rochdale

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Fixture: Rochdale vs PNE
Competition: NPower League One
Ground: Spotland
Date: Monday 2nd January 2012
Kick off: 3pm
Final Result: 1-1 Jervis

First Impressions

First away game of the new year and thankfully just a short trip.

With this being only a short trip, this ground was a 'must do' and probably one of the 'easiest' of the season. Anyway, I arrived at the ground in plenty of time so decided to have a short wander round.
There was a chippy directly outside the away stand - I did fancy some but I just didn't fancy the queue! So I decided to just buy a programme and go for a walk.

I have to say that from my initial impressions of the ground, I wasn't particularly impressed. It just seemed quite dour and devoid of character, although certainly better than the likes of the Bescot Stadium.

Around the ground

After the disappointment about the long queue for the chippy (they must make a killing on matchday!) I set off on my usual wander around the ground. As said, I wasn't impressed by my initial thoughts - the ground just seemed bland. Unfortunately the rest of the ground was much the same - just no real character or standout features of the ground.

I eventually made my way round to the main stand and again it just seemed to lack character, just like the other two stands that I passed. There was also a supporters club there too but I didn't use it.

With there not being much to do or see outside the ground, I opted to soon make my way in and bought a pie from the catering bar inside the away stand. The pie wasn't anything special and rather than wait around for a long period of time on the concourse, I decided to take my seat.

I have to say that the stewards caused a great confusion with North End fans - telling some that they had to sit in their allocated seat whilst telling others that it was unreserved seating but they had to sit in their allocated block. It was very disorganised to say the least.

Anyway, I could now form an opinion on the inside of the ground. Thankfully, I had a better impression of the inside than the outside. Each stand looked different which was a bit of a bonus - outside they practically looked the same with the same colour cladding, brickwork etc (with the obvious exception of the terrace). The main plus point was that we were very close to the pitch - just how I like it.

The Game

Unfortunately it was another dire game and another dire performance by North End, something which seems to be the norm now! We came away with a point but in all honesty, we should've come away with nothing.

Rochdale had two goals which were unfairly ruled out and judging by the balance of the game, deserved the three points. Luckily for us though, we escaped with a point.

North End had started brightly enough and grabbed the opener but after that we just let Rochdale back into the game and it was largely 'them' for the rest of the game.

Yet another turgid, frustrating affair!

The Stand

As mentioned previously, the outside just seemed bland and dull but if I'm honest that ended up only being a slight negative. The stand itself was a great place to watch the game from - as mentioned previously, the stand was right near the pitch and didn't have a 'no mans land' like some other grounds have, There was no supporting pillars either to obstruct the view (they're usually a pet hate of mine) so that was another plus point.

The legroom was also spacious enough - not fantastic but certainly a damn site better than the likes of the South Stand at Leeds. A decent amount of noise could also be created in the stand, although this understandably 'died off' after we had conceded the equaliser.

The concourse was pretty decent with no 'scrum' like you get at other grounds, although they probably could've done with a better & bigger catering bar.


I was particularly impressed with the ground - it just seemed a bit bland and boring, although I can't argue that the away stand is a decent stand to watch football from. If I'm honest, there isn't a great deal to actually say about the ground, hence the rather short review.
Its not a poor ground but its not a great ground either. I think 'average' is a good word to sum up the ground.


Appearance: 5/10
Game: 5/10
Enjoyment: 5/10
Fans: 7/10
Away Stand: 7/10

Overall: 6/10


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